Cornell Survey Results for Local Officials on State Smart Growth Act

In 2014, Cornell University’s Community and Regional Development Institute (CaRDI) asked local officials to respond to an online survey about the NYS Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act. Most of you, or someone else designated from your municipality, responded to the survey. Thank you for your contribution to this important work.

Here are two resources that have resulted from that project:

1.We have recently completed a number of related reports. Some are based directly on your responses. Other reports are on topics closely related to the State’s Smart Growth legislation. We hope you have already been made aware of these reports by receiving our monthly newsletter, but I’ve included a list and links below for your reference.

2.I would like to invite you, or any others you think might be interested, to participate in an online conversation about this work. On September 24 at noon, I will be hosting a “virtual chat” – a 30-minute, online video conference call – about Smart Growth issues in New York State. I hope you will join us with your experience and questions. To learn more about this CaRDI Virtual Chat about Smart Growth in NYS, please visit our website ( or contact me (  


Thank you once again.


David Kay

Senior Extension Associate 

Community and Regional Development Institute (CaRDI), Cornell University

275E Warren Hall


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