Utility companies make billing errors, but trying to recover money lost due to billing errors can be a feat that consumes too much energy in and of itself. Our new Save on Services program will provide your town with a utility billing analysis that often results in refunds for overbilling of telecommunications, electric and natural gas services. You may also take advantage of a cable franchise audit service, as well as a street lighting field inventory. All services are designed especially for municipalities and will protect your interests, whether addressing overcharges (street lighting) or underpayments (cable franchise fees).

We are pleased to offer this program through the services of Computel Consultants, a New York-based company experienced in tariffs and utility rates that has assisted clients all over the state of New York since 1986.

Computel Consultants will contact your providers directly to start the process. If you are not due a refund, Computel collects nothing. If you do receive a refund, Association of Towns members pay a discounted one-time fee for Computel’s services and reap 100 percent of the continued benefits (savings) of corrected billing.

Contact Computel today for more information on this Association of Towns program and get ready to save taxpayer money.